The Words you Keep

Las palabras que callas


Instituto Cervantes New York, along with Coolture Impact, the largest interactive public art platform, invites the public to explore Luis Burgos’ work through new technologies, art content and social interaction at the second site of this art project, located on Coolture Impact on the north side of 42nd street and 8th Avenue, at the Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT).

“The Words you Keep” is a one of a kind collaboration, where an art exhibition presented at the renowned Insituto Cervantes, located at 211 East 49th Street in New York, will be brought to life through motion sensor interactivity and literally transported to the streets of New York city.  A magical journey with new technologies on the Windows at Coolture Impact, inviting passerbys to take a glance into the artful presentation at the Spanish Institute, inviting the audiences to join in.

“The words you keep” explores through these portraits, presenting unique strong characters, mostly women, the meaning of words never told, those hidden behind closed lips and lingering gazes.


In this exhibition, Luis Burgos invites viewers to get to know these intriguing strong characters. They seem to grow older, wiser, and stronger as the spectator contemplates them. Sometimes they stare defiantly. Sometimes they whisper timidly. These characters established a solid dialogue with the artist while they matured into their own selves.


Colors play a main role in his work. They are surprising. Strong, saturated, bright. Impossible to mix. Different tones create an ambiance, atmosphere with lights and shadows translating into the feelings of its characters. Pigments play a special role. The eyes, like windows to the soul, stand out over all.


Luis Burgos, is a figurative artist born in La Rioja, Spain, with an extensive international trajectory. Well known for his unique strong characters, and his depiction of larger than life portraits, Luis explores in this work the words never told, those hidden behind closed lips and lingering gazes.

“My characters tell breathtaking stories with a river of silent words. Through life, I had discovered hundreds of beautiful and hard stories behind closed lips. So many stories to tell, with no words uttered. Opened flood gates through their gaze.” said Burgos about his artworks, many produced in New York, where he came to reaffirm himself in his work.



 Photography of Luis Burgos  art pieces  created by awarded Anafilaxis team 



 Visual  graphic design created by awarded creative team  LAIA CABRERA & Co,  founded by filmmaker and video artist Laia Cabrera and French animator and projection mapping artist Isabelle Duverger.

Searching for new ways of using the space and visual imaginary as a tool for narrative storytelling and audience connection,  driven by both scenographic and dramaturgical aspect and creating immersive  content experiences  in contemporary artwork.        @laiacabreraco    @isabelleduverger


Karam Parikh,  an immersive experience developer. His core areas of focus are mixed reality, interaction design, spatial AR, adaptive and binaural audio.



Co-founded by Lorne Covington and Bill Saiff, creators of participatory environments that provide immersive exploration, expression, and education.  Through innovation in multi-person gestural interfaces, advanced spatial sensing, and physical, augmented, and virtual reality techniques, they create environments that effortlessly extend users' capabilities and senses.



Ana Calvo de Luis @Coolture. Company with broad experience in creating cultural and branding events in emblematic places, and key in developing the concept and coordination of the projects at CooltureImpact.